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Government — Recent Client List

U.S. Department of Energy (www.eere.energy.gov/sro)— PPG has worked successfully with DOE energy and resource efficiency initiatives including the Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP), Rebuild America, and Motor Challenge. In 2011-12, we administered a $549,000 award from the Department of Energy for our client, the Northwest Energy Efficiency Council.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (www.energystar.gov) — PPG worked with Energy Star Buildings Program staff to incorporate the benchmarking tool into BOC® curriculum for building operators. We participated in an Energy Star Partners web conference on utility resources for managers of commercial facilities and real estate.

Washington State Building Code Council (www.sbcc.wa.gov) — PPG partner, Stan Price, served on the Building Code Council, an appointed position by Washington’s governor. He has a decade of service working with council members to develop the Washington State Energy Code.

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